Visible Dust BriteVue Sensor Loupe 7X

Cheap Visible Dust BriteVue Sensor Loupe 7X

  • BriteVue technology with high optical magnification and 6 super bright LEDs
  • High quality optical glass coated with MgF2 to reduce chromatic aberrations and to seal the lens so that no mildew buildup occurs.
  • Compact design
  • Easy on/off switch
  • High grade materials

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The Brite Vue Quasar 7X Sensor Loupe is a product that is specifically made to examine the ensor of a DSLR with a new higher magnification of 7x, versus the original Sensor Loupe which has a magnification of 5x. Dust is an inherent problem when it comes to DSLR’s and poses many problems for any photographer. Image quality is degraded and many hours of editing must be carried out to retouch any pictures with expensive digital imaging software. Also it takes a lengthy process to determine if the sensor is actually dirty, taking test shots and examining them once again with expensive digital imaging software. This may not be practical when a photographer is out in the field. Developed within the VisibleDust research lab the Sensor Loupe is specifically tailor-made for examining the sensor of a DSLR. The new Sensor Loupe 7x has a higher magnification and more in depth view for checking the DSLR chamber and sensor. Because of its awkward location, deep with the camera chamber, illuminating the senor is rather difficult and direct light may obfuscate dust by blending it against the sensor. With the unique BriteVue XL lighting system (patent pending) and specially configured array of 6 vivid LEDs and high resolution lens, the Sensor Loupe 7x brings forward the debris in a three dimensional spectacle with a new higher magnification. The Sensor Loupe was designed to help photographers spend more time taking pictures and less time editing images and cleaning

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