Sony GVHD700/1 HDV Portable Video Recorder

Buy Sony GVHD700/1 HDV Portable Video Recorder

  • 6.9″ Wide (16:9) LCD Display (1152K Pixels)
  • x.v.Color Technology
  • 12-Bit/16-Bit PCM Digital Stereo

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HD/SD CapableCapable of playing back High Definition Video (HDV) and Standard Definition Video recorded on MiniDV cassette.7.0″ Wide5 (16:9) LCD Display (1152K Pixels)Provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The 1152k pixel LCD rotates for multiple viewing angles providing sharp detailed images for monitoring or playback.x.v.Color™ TechnologyThe GV-HD700 is capable of passing the x.v.Color™ signal recorded by your 2007 Sony® HD Camcorders to your compatible HDTV. With the ability to reproduce nearly twice as many (1.8x) viewable colors than currently possible.LCD Profile ControlCustomize upto 6 different LCD sreen profiles (personal settings); choose from Brightness, Color Depth, Contrast, Sharpness and Color Phase.L and M Series InfoLITHIUM® Battery CompatibilityCompatible with both L and M series InfoLITHIUM batteries. You can now charge the battery at anytime because unlike NiCad (Cickel Cadmium) batteries, Sony’s rechargeable Lithium Ion…

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Sony GVHD700/1 HDV Portable Video Recorder